Our Code of Conduct

The Fellowship Beyond the Star is dedicated to a harassment-free experience for everyone. Participation in the Fellowship’s leadership, membership, or events is subject to the observance of the Fellowship’s rules and procedures, including the community’s Code of Conduct. Violation of this Code may result in consequences up to and including removal of membership from the Fellowship and blacklisting from future events.

The activities outlined below are strictly prohibited:

  • Abusive language towards a member, volunteer, or other participant

  • Possession or use of illegal drugs during any Fellowship activities

  • Bringing any dangerous or unauthorized materials, including explosives, firearms, weapons, or similar items, to any Fellowship activities

  • Verbal, physical, or other harassment of another member, volunteer, or other participant

  • Actual or sincerely threatened violence towards any individual or group

  • No willing and/or informed endangering of Fellowship members’ safety, lives, well-being, health, etc.

  • Bullying, intimidating, or taking unfair advantage of any member, volunteer, or other participant

  • Hate speech directed towards any marginalized group of people

  • Disrespectful language regarding the identity of another member, volunteer, or other participant.

The Fellowship Council takes allegations very seriously, and has an established disciplinary methodology that prioritizes thorough investigation (if applicable) and the privacy of the complainant.  Violations of the Code of Conduct can be reported to the Council via email, or in the contact box below.

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