Meet the Council

Alexandra Nic Bhé Chuille

Alexandra has been a member of the Fellowship since 2016, and a practicing pagan and witch since 2003.  She is a Polytheistic Pagan Mystic (primarily Norse-Gaelic), an Oracular Cleric, a spiritual healer, and a modern urban hedgewitch.  She runs a pagan business and blog called Serendipities.  Alexandra is indigenous on her maternal side (Brothertown), openly queer, and uses the pronouns she/her and they/them.

Ron Padrón

Ron is a gay Cuban-American folk witch from the swamps of Florida now living in the mid-Atlantic with his husband and their small cryptid dog. He has been a member of the pagan community for two decades with specific interests in divination, Queer Ancestor veneration and necromancy, hedge witchery, and social justice activism. He is the creator of White Rose Witching through which he manages a blog sharing Queer Ancestor Spotlights and rituals, and hosts workshops across a variety of topics. He has presented at the Salem Witchcraft and Folklore Festival on spiritual activism, locally at Hallowed Homecoming discussing working with Queer Ancestors, and as a guest speaker for local pagan groups, historic sites, and small museums discussing colonial witchcraft politics and queer history.  Ron’s pronouns are he/him/his.

Lauren G. Koch

Lauren is a creator, wanderer, alchemist, healer, teacher, and feeler who has been practicing herbalism, energy & sound healing, intuitive reading, and granny magic most of their life.  She is an intuitive artist, musician, and eclectic witch, whose practice has been shaped by the music, lore, and folk/granny magic of the Southern Appalachians, where she grew up. Now, they call Mid-Maryland home, tucked in a valley surrounded by their beloved mountains. When not teaching, healing, or being creative, you can find Lauren sipping tea or coffee with her cats or going for a hike to forage and sit for hours dangling her feet in the creek and art journaling.  Lauren’s pronouns are she/them.


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